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Full course of 24 hours, with dynamic sky, Lite .
-you will appreciate, as the sky changes constantly hue, very subtle, perfectly differentiating each stage of the 24 hours since dawn, past noon, early evening, afternoon, sundown, and the deep night. In a well-coordinated transition, with constant changes at each step

-The complete cycle lasts 24 minutes, but you may change the duration of the cycle by modifying the script. Instructions are detailed within scripts. Any questions you have please contact me.

NOTE: The video that I present as shown, is a super accelerated video of a project where I use this system; the real duration of the transition is 168 minutes, i reduced it to 3:18 minutes in the video .Unfortunately, in the video the night does not look good, but you can check with this asset, the true appearance looks really good.

The Lite version includes: • The 6 images necessary for transitions. • The objects and scripts, with instructions for use and modification of the cycle

• Coming soon.The Complete version will include:

• All the features of the Lite version • 2-More Dynamic Sky Transitions, Considering the weather • 3-Sun and Moon Rotation Cycle • 4-Lunar Cycle 7 stages (one per day) • 5-Four Seasons (summer, autumn, winter, spring) including: • -Terrain Changes • -Rain, snow, autumn leaves, Clouds. • 6- Climate generation at the beginning of each stage of the full moon (predefining the climate of the next 7 days, until the next full moon phase) Including: • -Wind speed and direction, • -Rain intensity, Storm Effects (Electric Storm, Thunders, Scary Dark Cloud´s ), • -Disasters premeditation. (Earthquake, Tornados; Fire; Meteorite)a specific day at a specific time
• -If the full moon begins with bad weather, there are more chances for the rest of the days of the lunar cycle have bad weather and vice versa • 7-And much more.

Enjoy and give it a good use I hope my English is understandable

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

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GMS1 - Version 1.0.3. Published May 2, 2015

• 1-Stars now create gradually • 2-Stars now have animation • 3-Stars Now do not appear over other objects

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