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The fact that you're here is already on the way of improving the way you play audio in the background in your games. Welcome to Wituz In-Game Music Player - The very flexible and lightweight In-game Music Player.

Have you ever played games that had a radio station? GTA SAN ANDREAS. SSX 3. BURNOUT PARADICE. The titles are numerous. Why not be a part of them too?

Well now you can. With the Wituz In-Game Music Player you can play music in your game as if you had your very own radio station. Using literally LINES of code, you can set up a radio in a single create event with less than 5 lines of code.

You can: - Display a visual player ON-SCREEN with ARTIST NAMES and SONG NAMES

  • Make it animate, stick to the screen, or just don't pop up, it's all your choice.

  • Create playlists.

  • Adjust volume. (and show a volume meter ON-SCREEN while adjusting it)

  • Customize colors and fonts of the music player's display.

  • PAUSE and REPLAY songs

  • The user can also SKIP or GO TO PREVIOUS song.

  • All of this, all done using single lines of code using super simple scripts.

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: None


GMS1 - Version 0.0.1. Published March 21, 2017

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