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Facebook extension for Android, iOS, and HTML5.

Updated to cover all current FB functionality as of April 2019 - please note that Facebook have removed several bits of functionality present in older SDKs, so if you were using functions which the code editor now says are no longer in this extension, those things are gone from the SDK (it's not that we're missing them from our extension). Please see the PDF in the extension for more info.

This extension requires an app listing to have already been set up on the Facebook dev site, as you need to put the ID for your app into Game Options -> Android/iOS/HTML5 -> Social.

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End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: None


GMS2 - Version 2.0.0. Published April 12, 2019

This version of the Facebook Extension is compatible with GameMaker v2.2.2 and higher.

Please see the included manual PDF file for more information on changes in the extension.

For integration, please see the updated helpdesk article on Facebook integration:

Changelog: * Moved all runtime Facebook functionality to the extension for easier maintenance/upgrades in the future * Asynchronous extension functions now consistently trigger Social Asynchronous events with relevant data * Added fb_send_event function to all platforms for sending Facebook App Events (analytics) * Removed facebook_send_invite due to App Invites being deprecated as of early 2018 ( * Removed facebook_post_message due to the "publish_actions" permission being deprecated * Removed facebook_launch_offerwall due to the functionality relying on third-party APIs ( * Renamed facebook_dialog to fb_dialog - its parameters now only accept a URL of the content being shared due to changes in the Facebook share dialog functionality * Renamed facebook_graph_request to fb_graph_request - the request params argument is now a ds_map instead of a key/value pairs list,  * Renamed facebook_login to fb_login - the iOS login type is now handled correctly * Renamed facebook_request_publish_permissions to fb_request_publish_permissions * Renamed facebook_request_read_permissions to fb_request_read_permissions * Renamed facebook_refresh_accesstoken to fb_refresh_accesstoken * Renamed facebook_init to fb_init * Renamed facebook_ready to fb_ready * Renamed facebook_status to fb_status * Renamed facebook_logout to fb_logout * Renamed facebook_user_id to fb_user_id * Renamed facebook_accesstoken to fb_accesstoken * Renamed facebook_check_permission to fb_check_permission

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