Simple Inventory Menu w Binds

Dave Martinez

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*Last Review: *David D 14 December 2016 *Criminally easy to use and understand *"No arrays or scripts?! This is easily the absolute best simplistic-to-powerful ratio Inventory Engine I've seen around here! It's easy to make new items, and to incorporate straight into another project. How is this not more popular?"

32 sales, thank you! but... Leave a review plz.

Version 3: 11/9/16 UPDATE! Added the ability to use bombs with working bomb counter.

Version 2: Added an simple example player that can collect an item, then equip/bind that item to a key from the menu and use it to attack. Only the example of the green sword is useable.

Version 1: A one object inventory system, simple but powerful.

Easy to add new items. Menu features 36 inventory positions which can be easily expanded for more items. Can select and deselect items and bind them to the Z and X keys.
More keys can be added with ease.

Now includes amounts of items in inventory.

Fully commented and straight forward.

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: None


GMS1 - Version 3.0.1. Published November 10, 2016

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