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exTimer is a small, free Extension to help you create timers in the same sense as GameMaker Studio alarms but with extra features:

  • Create and use more than 12 timers per object!
  • Group timers into classes and manipulate them all at once!
  • Identify your timers using unique names for them! No global mess!
  • Create looping timers/intervals
  • Use scripts for your triggers, supports arguments too!
  • Use local timers that auto-cleanup when they are complete, same as alarm[] but no max limit
  • auto sync your timers to delta_time if needed

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: None


GMS1 - Version 1.0.4. Published May 14, 2017

! A few extra arguments have been added to functions and order has been swapped around, please check if this breaks your project first

  • Added local timers, these timers are local to each object and will be auto-cleaned up when they are complete or on Room End. Just use ex_timer_play() with a numeric "name" instead of a "string"

  • Added syncDelta argument which syncs the timer with delta_time, default is off to play nice with alarms of GMS

  • Minor debug message corrections

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