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NOTE: This extension is for GameMaker Studio 1.x. A version optimized for GameMaker Studio 2.x is in the works and will be available shortly.

Camera is the ultimate camera extension for your iOS projects. Its simple and advanced functions cover all use cases, from displaying the OS's full screen camera view to making your own custom UI. Writing a camera app has never been that easy.


  • Enable/disable the back or front camera at any time
  • Take pictures and record video in different quality settings
  • Show/hide/move/resize the camera preview
  • Control the flash (on, off, or automatic)
  • Display a full screen camera with the default UI to take a single picture
  • Save images and video files to the device's photo library
  • Open the library to select a picture
  • Automatically or manually process images (convert them to PNG, scale them down) before adding them as sprites
  • Callbacks for every asynchronous operation (take a picture, finish recording video, permission requests to use the camera or microphone, etc.)


  • Compatible with iOS 8+


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GMS1 - Version 0.9.0. Published November 1, 2016

  • Added NSCameraUsageDescription, NSMicrophoneUsageDescription, and NSPhotoLibraryUsageDescription keys to Info.plist to prevent crash on iOS 10
  • Fixed issue where saved pictures and videos would get overwritten after a restart
  • Fixed memory leaks
  • Prefixed all resources with gmcamera_ to prevent conflicts
  • Improved documentation
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