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Appsurd presents you the superuseful and handy script: string_split(substr, str, ignoreEmptyStrings) ! It works on GMS 1.4 and GMS 2. The script returns an array which contains the splitted string. You may also choose a substring which is longer than one character! Of course the script is well-commented and you may use it for free. If you want to give us credits (not obligatory but you may do so) please put down Appsurd!

When is it useful?

  • The script can be used to split a long string retreived from a server containing several different things.
  • In a level editor, when the user wants to saves the level, this is saved in a long string. With string_split(substr, str, ignoreEmptyStrings) you can split this long string into smaller bits which you can use thereafter.
  • Many more things which we would like to hear from you!


Create Event

var str = "Hello world!";
splitted_string = string_split(" ",str,false);

Draw Event

for(i=0; i<array_length_1d(splitted_string); i+=1)




If you have any improvements or if you found a bug, please tell us so we can improve it! Rating and sharing will be appreciated! :)

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GMS1 - Version 1.0.1. Published August 9, 2018

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