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Download the asset for GMS2, the GMS1 project is under Included Files due to Marketplace's broken GMS1 upload

Latest version 1.2.0

Easily play back video in your HTML5 GameMaker Studio games! Useful for in-game cutscenes or ads

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  • Play, Stop, Pause, Resume, Loop video
  • Get if video is playing or is paused
  • Set and get size & position
  • Set track position and retrieve current position and duration
  • 3 different scale modes, fill, cover and contain
  • Easy to adjust video even after your game goes fullscreen
  • Set letterbox visibility
  • Rotate video
  • Rotate video in 3D space (X, Y, Z, Perspective)
  • Set video transparency
  • Auto fallback in mp4, m4v, ogv, webm (1)
  • Supports YouTube videos with all above features (just supply the URL)
  • Click events get passed to your game window (2)
  • Fully documented

Tested in Browsers

  • Google Chrome 39
  • Mozilla Firefox 35
  • Opera 26
  • Internet Explorer 11 (3)

Tested with Modules

  • HTML5


(1) You do need to manually convert the other video formats using a converter or the provided FFMPEG script

(2) Click through events for Internet Explorer works for IE11 and up

(3) Rotate 3D effects do not work as expected in Internet Explorer (and some mobile browsers)

(*) Mobile browsers' video implementation differs and do not support autoplay because of concerns over data usage costs (, this issue may be worked around in the future

More info

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: None


GMS1 - Version 1.1.5. Published January 10, 2019

Javascript source now included! (Check the "exVideo Source" in included files, obfuscated version still in Extension folder to protect your purchase if you publish your game with it)

Added a Windows batch script to easily convert a video file to mp4, ogv and webm to use with the extension. Uses FFMPEG, check the Video Conversion Guide on how to install and use the script (both files are in Included Files)

GMS2 - Version 1.2.0. Published January 11, 2019

  • Fixed video files and YouTube videos not playing with newest browser autoplay updates
  • Videos now autoplay muted as dictated by new browser autoplay policies ( See: )
  • Added overrideMutePolicy parameter in ex_video_play() so you can restore sound in a video, however this requires that the user has initiated the video himself (interacted with the page, mouse click, keyboard event)
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