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exCamera is a small but very useful free extension to create camera objects that manipulate a particular view and make some basic screen special effects possible.


  • Scroll By/To
  • Flash (with custom color and blending)
  • Fade In/Out/To (with custom color and blending)
  • Tilt
  • Shake
  • Zoom In/Out

Additional Features

  • Easily make the camera follow objects with smooth motion
  • You may specify a safe area or set the bounds for the camera
  • Supports multiple views
  • Effects can be applied on the camera view or entire GUI layer
  • Apply easing algorithms so the effects transition smoother
  • You can execute scripts on effect complete, with custom arguments


(*) Tilt effect in HTML5 requires WebGL enabled. (GML view_angle[] limitation)

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: None


GMS1 - Version 1.6.0. Published June 12, 2017

API breaking changes!! Please backup your project first if you wish to upgrade!

  • exCamera now needs to be initialized first with ex_camera_initialize()

  • Following the other "ex" Extensions, now the global mess is removed and ex_camera_create() uses easily recognizable string names instead of global handles

  • "set_easing" functions have been removed, easing is now an optional argument for each effect and performs better

  • Zoom is now always correctly centered to the view center, you can offset it to get to the exact position you need

  • Easier to make the camera follow an object, with custom easing too, and switch it off when you need to move the camera yourself (e.g. for a cutscene)

  • Added optional onComplete script with arguments (pass them as array) for all effects which executes the script when the effect completes

  • Cameras on mobile devices should work fine now, Android tested

  • New easing scripts added which follow the scr_* convention

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