GameMaker (2.0 - 2.2.x)

Advanced Menus Plus Engine


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This is an all-inclusive, advanced menu system and platformer game engine. By downloading this you will have a solid foundation to begin customizing your platformer game!


[[[ Menu System Features: ]]]

Professional grade, mouse driven, menu system including:

Options Menu

  • Controls: Custom Control Mapping, with save feature

  • Sound: Adjustable Sound levels (Music, SFX, Ambient), with save feature

  • Game Reset Feature: Reset all progress and save features

Level Select Menu

  • Includes 4 premade levels, each one unlockable based on item pickups

  • Star-based achievement system that is presented on each level select button

High Scores Table

  • Track the Top 8 high scores with this automatic table

Credits Menu

  • Insert a credits image


[[[ Platformer Game Engine: ]]]

A basic 4-room platformer game including:

Level Specific Background images that can be easily overwritten.

Background Music

  • Room Specific

  • Changes automatically between rooms, and when entering the menu

A generic Player that changes sprite based on inputs

  • idle, jump, run, crouch, and crouch & move (currently being optimized)

A Pause menu

  • Keyboard driven selections

  • Continue, Main Menu, Quit Game

A Gameover Screen

  • You could work health into your game and trigger this when the player dies.

An end-level "collectable" counter

  • This can be used to determine if the player has collected enough of an item (in this case, stars) to advance to the next level.

  • In the current setup, if you at least one star you can advance, otherwise... you must restart the level.

Trackable Level Achievements

  • You can see in the video that collecting stars is logged, and then performance is shown through the stars on each level in the Level Select menu. This is great for enticing players to replay levels to collect everything!


Extra Information:

  • I have tested everything within this setup, in the given configuration, on multiple systems, very meticulously to ensure that it works. If there is any glitch related to your unique setup that you uncover I would be happy to go into the code and try and solve it, if you are able to provide specific details on what you ran into.

  • Disclaimer: This help would cover anything to do with the asset prior to any code changes made by the purchaser. This code is quite advanced (hence the title "Advanced Menus") in some places and making changes to core functions can be "game-breaking" and require a fresh load of the asset. I am not a free troubleshooter that can assist in helping you expand the game past what is provided here, there are a multitude of resources for that.

  • All sprites are very straightforward, so you can overwrite them with your custom art and make the game look any way you want. Buttons can be moved within the rooms as well to create custom layouts based on anything you want to do.

  • All variables in the code are written in a very straightforward way so it's easy to go in and adjust things with just a basic knowledge of GML. I like to keep everything lowercase so I don't typo, and also error on the side of a long variable name over an acronym so I don't forget what it does. If you are new to GML you will probably appreciate this because it is very easy to read.

  • The menu system is really whats impeccable here. The Platformer Engine is very basic, and can definitely have more advanced features added to be improved upon. However, as it is the player can navigate through the multi-elevation room, jump to collect stars, and reach a goal object to finish the room.

  • If you would like to see this menu system being used with different artwork, you can watch the video of my Developer Spotlight for my platfomer game [[ "Spiralbound Ninja" ]] here:

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: None


GMS2 - Version 1.2.4. Published October 4, 2017

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