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[Jen_scripts] Asset for Procedural Terrain Generation Created by Cloaked Games

[Jen_scripts] is an asset which makes it easy to create your own procedurally generated terrain. It contains over 35 iterative scripts which can be combined with flexible parameters to create varied, organic, terrain. On a technical level, it provides a grid which stores a series of values, and scripts to manipulate the values within the grid according to various parameters and randomized conditions. [Jen_scripts] provides the ability to create shapes, as well as utilize higher level algorithms to produce a limitless variety of patterns within a grid, which can then be defined as instances within your game.

Want to create a lake? Try jen_ellipse and jen_near. Want to create a river? Try jen_wander. Want to create a cave? Try jen_automata. Want to create a maze? Try jen_maze_prim or jen_maze_backtrack. Want to create a building? Try jen_grid_room. Want to create an island? Try jen_heightmap_sampling.

Something more complicated? Combine the functions together to form terrain that fits your ideal design, using optional arguments for extra flexibility.


  • Create lines, shapes, and blobs.
  • Create a wandering path between two points.
  • Maze generation with Prim’s Algorithm or Backtrack Algorithm.
  • Cave generation with Cellular Automata.
  • Heightmap terrain generation with Average Sampling.
  • Copy and paste sections of your rooms to incorporate hand-crafted content.

Documentation: Jen_scripts Documentation

There is full documentation for every [Jen_scripts] function, including example code. You can read the documentation here.

Download the Demo: Jen_scripts Demo

Want to see what [Jen_scripts] is capable of? Download this project and you can see a variety of terrain for yourself that can be created using this asset.

Active Support: Forum Thread

I am continually supporting this asset. Post your questions and suggestions on the GMC forum here. Also, new features and requested features will be added in future updates.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Gamemaker Studio 2
  • Basic to intermediate understanding of GML (especially ds_grids)
  • A desire to make awesome procedurally generated content!

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: None


GMS2 - Version 1.1.0. Published June 18, 2018

New function added for better ability to generate platformer levels and get more control over distribution. - jen_number - jen_number_offset - jen_number_apply - jen_scatter_offset - jen_scatter_apply

Bug fixes: - Edge case behavior for jen_apply and jen_near improved. Functionality is identical. - Some errors fixed in documentation. There were a few arguments listed in documentation that didn't actually exist... whoops.

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