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GloomyNet is a highly efficient GameMaker networking framework that utilizes the industry standard User Datagram Protocol. You can get a UDP based multiplayer system up in running in just a few steps!

NOTE: GloomyNet is currently in Beta. Read More Below!



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Why GloomyNet?

There are many Networking Frameworks for GameMaker but they either force you to use a certain multiplayer model (Client/Server or P2P), or do not allow you enough control to develop a full size multiplayer game. Every multiplayer game has different requirements, so when a framework tries to do too many things it often does not work in favor of the developer.

GloomyNet provides you with a set of tools that allow you to more easily build your won multiplayer model with ease with the following features:

  • Easy Data Serialization - You will never have to touch a buffer. Let GloomyNet handle that for you while also allowing you full control over how the data gets stored and sent.
  • Efficient - GloomyNet offers realtime speed with UDP, has a small header size of only 4 bytes, and allows you complete control over how data is sent over the network.
  • Logging and Statistics - GloomyNet is vigilant about error checks, and logs are printed to the output console during play. In addition an optional network statics overlay can be displayed showing you things like bytes / second, packets / second, ping, and connection status.
  • Documentation / Tutorials - Multiplayer is really hard, and it is especially hard to find useful information on how to implement it in GameMaker. GloomyNet is developed by GloomyToad, a GameMaker Youtuber and Computer Science tutor. In depth tutorial videos on how to use this framework are posted regularly. In addition, extensive documentation is available.
  • Support - You can receieve around the clock support from within the official Discord. Here you can get in direct contact with the developer of Gnet to ask questions or report bugs that you may find. The Developer is actively developing this project.


The Beta

Currently Gnet is in Beta. On full release the price will rise. When you purchase Gnet you are locked in for life. You will receive all future updates with no extra cost. Since this is the beta please report any bugs or ask any questions you may have at the official Discord. Here you can have direct communication with the developer.

Future features will include:

  • A reliable data channel - For some data you may want it to be sent reliably and in order. Generally you would use TCP for this but there are times when you want UDP behaviour along with an option for some data to be handled TCP like. For example, you may want to ensure chat messages are received. This feature will be included in the next update!

  • Multiplayer Model Modules - This framework allows you to develop for any model you want. Additional modules will be created that you can optionally use. For example, the Server / Client model will be a project setup with all of the tools in place that a Server / Client model would use. Peer 2 Peer is also being developed! Don't worry though, tutorial videos detailing how to create these systems are underway already, so you can learn to build them yourself!

  • Further Optimizations - There are several optimizations that can be made. This is not to say they system is slow, because it is very fast. This system can become even easier to use while simultaniously becoming even faster. Gnet will perform as fast as possible inside of GameMaker.

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GMS2 - Version 0.0.5. Published October 4, 2018

Fixed a memory leak. No functionality changes. You need this update though!

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