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Forest - Pixel Art Asset Pack

Phillip Giarrusso

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---Cute 'n Colorful Pixel Art Platformer Asset Pack---

---> Animation Reel for Included Characters

---> Animation Reel for Included Objects/Extras

Looking to build a colorful, cute platformer? These assets can get you started!

Pack Details:

  • full 16x16px tilesheet (ground tiles, decorative tiles, etc)

  • 4 layer parallax background

  • 1 fully animated main character (200+ frames of animation, 14 animations) in both GIF and PNG format. Animations Include: Idle, Run, Jump, Double-Jump, Climb, Wall Slide, Ground Slide, Attack, Pick-Up Object, Idle with Item Held, Run with Item Held, Jump with Item Held, Throw, Hurt, and Death

  • 2 animated enemies: Enemy Carrot (Idle, Move, Hurt, Death) - AND - Enemy Mushroom (Idle, Move, Hide/Guard, Hurt, Death)

  • HUD assets (lives left, life bar, coins collected. numbers sprite sheet)

  • Other Extras Including: Animated Spike Hazard tiles, animated Spring, Breakable Box Sprite (can also be picked-up/ carried), and collectibles (animated Coin, animated Health Pick-Up, animated Extra Life Pick-Up, two types of animated Hit Effects

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License: Assets contained within this pack can be used for both free and commercial projects. You are permitted to use the Licensed Content in unlimited commercial projects. You are NOT permitted to re-sell, sub license, or distribute assets to third parties as standalone files. Full license is included via a text file in the asset pack folder. It's also available above as a free download.

You are free to modify or change any of the assets to fit your creative needs. Credit is not necessary, but much appreciated.

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: None


GMS2 - Version 1.0.0. Published April 8, 2019

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